IABCR 2019

31st International Association for
Breast Cancer Research Conference

April 15 – 18, 2019

Egmond aan Zee, The Netherlands

Registration deadline:
April 1, 2019
Abstract submission deadline:
March 15

The IABCR and the organizing committee are pleased to announce the 31st Conference of the International Association for Breast Cancer Research.
The event aims to explore the molecular mechanisms that drive breast cancer development and progression and novel intervention strategies, with particular emphasis on innovative and cutting-edge advances. To this end, the Conference will bring together basic researchers and clinicians, leaders in the field and young scientists, maximizing fruitful interaction between participants.

International speakers coming from the most appreciated institutes of breast cancer research and treatment and largely recognized for their work will address topics including:

  • Hormones and breast cancer
  • In vitro and mouse models of breast cancer
  • Signaling pathway crosstalk
  • Breast cancer genomics and evolution
  • Immuno-oncology
  • Mammary gland biology and stem cells
  • Translational research

Emerging researchers will be encouraged to participate and to actively discuss their findings through presentations of talks selected from abstracts and during the ample time dedicated to posters.

Confirmed Speakers

Mohamed Bentires-Alj (CH)
René Bernards (NL)
Cathrin Brisken (CH)
Myles Brown (US)
Carlos Caldas (UK)
Hans Clevers (NL)
Matthew J Ellis (US)
Silvia Fre (FR)

Judy E Garber (US)
Alexandra Van Keymeulen (BE)
Geoffrey Lindeman (AU)
Chris Lord (UK)
Luca Magnani (UK)
William J Muller (CA)
Senthil Muthuswamy (US)
Steffi Oesterreich (US)

Morag Park (CA)
Kornelia Polyak (US)
Jacco van Rheenen (NL)
Jeff Rosen (US)
Carol Sartorius (US)
Joyce M Slingerland (US)
Karin de Visser (NL)
Jean Zhao (US)

Scientific Organizing Committee

John Hilkens

The Netherlands Cancer Institute

Jos Jonkers

The Netherlands Cancer Institute

William J Muller

McGill University


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